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NF The Search Download

NF The Search (2019) Free Download From Musics in Direct Link.

Year: 2019 | Country: USA | Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap | Quality: 320kbps | Size: 176 MB | Format: MP3

Description —> (The Search)

NF released his 20-track masterpiece, NF The Search Download, on Friday, revealing his lyrically genuine nature hasn’t gone anywhere and, in fact, it’s actually getting more profound.
Nathan Feuerstein, known by the stage name NF, is the epitome of the perfect musician—real and getting better with time.
NF’s fourth LP after a year hiatus (from releasing an LP, that is), NF The Search Download has 20 tracks (18 individual songs with an interlude and an extended version of Time). If you have listened to NF this will sound familiar, as Nate describes in a song from a previous album “moody and dark.” perhaps quoting a review or something someone said to him, but I personally find it to be a bit of a breath of fresh air. NF’s music is relatable, is interesting from a musical perspective (for instance take “Hate Myself” which is in F Lydian), and is fun to unpack, especially if you have listened to his other albums.
Absolutely loved NF The Search Download and NF!! Hes sooo underrated!! I love how he talks about mental health and real life situations. Check out his previous albums as well, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!!
The moment I got the email saying the songs were available, I spent the night listening to each one. One after the other i felt each song was so incredibly done. I’ve been a fan of NF since the beginning, and I was worried his 4th album wasn’t going to be as good as the others. Might be the best.
This was the first album I’d ever heard by NF. I came across his song NF The Search Download on Amazon new music and decided to sample it. I was instantly riveted. I didn’t even have to hear the whole 30 seconds to know it was extraordinary. The cinematic feel! the intensity! So I went and listened to the whole song, then to When I Grow Up, which made me feel like he was reading my mail. I was hooked. I’d become a hardcore fan before I even finished the album. (I’ve now bought and listened to all his albums, bought his merchandise, watched all his music videos.) All I have to say about NF The Search Download is DANG, son.You don’t just listen to this album; you have an encounter with it. And he does all of this while spinning some of the most epic hip hop you’ve ever heard. (Those strings though!!! The vocals!!! The lyrics!!!) The man is genius.

Tracklist —> (The Search)

  • 01. The Search (4:08)
  • 02. Leave Me Alone (5:08)
  • 03. Change (3:54)
  • 04. My Stress (4:12)
  • 05. Nate (5:02)
  • 06. Time (Extended) (4:00)
  • 07. Returns (3:52)
  • 08. When I Grow Up (3:16)
  • 09. Only (3:45)
  • 10. Let Me Go (4:37)
  • 11. -Interlude- (0:49)
  • 12. Hate Myself (4:20)
  • 13. I Miss the Days (4:29)
  • 14. No Excuses (3:21)
  • 15. Like This (3:27)
  • 16. Options (3:26)
  • 17. Why (3:07)
  • 18. Thinking (3:12)
  • 19. Trauma (4:07)
  • 20. Time (3:50)

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