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Chance The Rapper The Big Day

Chance The Rapper The Big Day (2019) Free Download From Musics in Direct Link.

Year: 2019 | Country: USA | Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap | Quality: 320kbps | Size: 208 MB | Format: MP3

Description —> (The Big Day)

Chance’s new album, Chance The Rapper The Big Day, pegged as his “debut” after three studio mixtapes, is a preordained coming-of-age spectacle. It’s full-fledged, 401k rap, a snapshot of the moment where the future starts approaching so fast it begins to look like now. “They don’t take teenage angst at no banks,” he raps on “We Go High,” invoking Michelle Obama’s famous line about what to do when “they” go low. It’s a flavor of righteousness that pervades the entire 77-minute album.
What follows is an album that, true to tradition, combines something old and something new, subtly expanding Chance’s sound without ever straying too far from the sentimental gospel-pop heart of his last release, Coloring Book, which won the Grammy for best rap album in 2017.
Like a lot of weddings, it drags a little: at 22 tracks and almost 80 minutes long, The Big Day is too big for its own good, with songs that could have been excised. Get a Bag’s gags about how Chance “stopped smoking cigarettes, now pussy tastes like key lime” feel pretty inessential next to 5 Year Plan’s emotional plea to never let life pass you by.
Make fun of Chance if you want, but what other rapper has features that include exploding newcomers like Megan Thee Stallion alongside vets like Nicki Minaj and legends of the screen like Keith David and Cree Summer? Chance rewrote the rules of the industry, remained true to himself, and finished first despite the world’s insistence that nice guys finish last. Chance The Rapper The Big Day actually makes perfect sense as a debut album in that light. Seven years into his illustrious, groundbreaking mainstream run, Chance The Rapper The Big Day has finally arrived.
Chance The Rapper The Big Day starts out strong. Chance immediately invokes an almost innate feeling of nostalgia with his famous three words: “and we back.” The opening notes of “All Day Long” equally recall Chance’s previously established ability to capitalize on funk, gospel, and rap, as he balances the three to create something profound. It makes sense then that this track features John Legend, an artist who has often tried a similar maneuver throughout his career.

Tracklist —> (The Big Day)

  • 01. All Day Long (3:28)
  • 02. Do You Remember (3:56)
  • 03. Eternal (4:03)
  • 04. Hot Shower (3:45)
  • 05. We Go High (4:59)
  • 06. I Got You (Always and Forever) (4:41)
  • 07. Photo Ops (Skit) (1:15)
  • 08. Roo (2:51)
  • 09. The Big Day (4:02)
  • 10. Let’s Go on the Run (3:41)
  • 11. Handsome (2:53)
  • 12. Big Fish (3:06)
  • 13. Ballin Flossin (2:49)
  • 14. 4 Quarters in the Black (Skit) (2:13)
  • 15. 5 Year Plan (4:17)
  • 16. Get a Bag (3:21)
  • 17. Slide Around (4:30)
  • 18. Sun Come Down (3:35)
  • 19. Found a Good One (Single No More) (4:18)
  • 20. Town on the Hill (2:59)
  • 21. Our House (Skit) (1:05)
  • 22. Zanies and Fools (5:23)

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