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Backstreet Boys DNA Download

Backstreet Boys DNA (2019) Free Download From Pop Musics in Direct Link.

Year: 2019 | Country: USA | Genre: Pop/Dance | Quality: 320kbps | Size: 114 MB | Format: MP3

Description —> (DNA)

​On Feb. 4, 2019, the Backstreet Boys DNA Download, topped the Billboard charts. It’s the band’s first record in almost two decades, according to Rolling Stone, and their third total, following 2000’s Black & Blue and 1999’s Millennium. While it’s tempting to declare that Backstreet Boys DNA Download success means “Backstreet’s Back,” the fact is, to quote one of their hit songs, they were “Never Gone.” Backstreet Boys DNA Download isn’t a comeback album, but proof that the Backstreet Boys have finally found their place as fully-grown adult boy banders.
​It’s a balance the group is ready to take on the road. After they wrap up their “Larger Than Life” Las Vegas residency in April, they’ll hit the road for the Backstreet Boys DNA Download World Tour — their biggest in 18 years. It’s bound to be way different than their tours in the past; after all, the album is a far cry from the tunes that made them pop stars at the turn of the millennium. Combining several different genres, from country to EDM, Backstreet Boys DNA Download “represents our influences,” says Richardson.
Now that the men have grown up and settled down, though, the pressure to conceal their personal lives has disappeared. In fact, these days, they share Backstreet Boys DNA Download more of their lives than ever — only instead of it being revealed via invasive paparazzi, it’s on their terms through videos like “No Place” or their various social media accounts.

Tracklist —> (DNA)

  • 01. Don’t Go Breaking My Heart (03:37)
  • 02. Nobody Else (03:39)
  • 03. Breathe (03:07)
  • 04. New Love (03:00)
  • 05. Passionate (03:44)
  • 06. Is It Just Me (03:38)
  • 07. Chances (02:54)
  • 08. No Place (03:00)
  • 09. Chateau (03:08)
  • 10. The Way It Was Was (03:26)
  • 11. Just Like You Like It (03:42)
  • 12. Hesitate 03:28
  • 13. Rollercoaster 03:01
  • 12. OK (02:35)

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