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Apoptose & Daniel Sans - Die Zukunft 2018
Apoptose & Daniel Sans Die Zukunft 2018 Free Download From Best Musics in Direct Link.

“Wir sitzen in unseren Zimmern und draußen wird unsere Zukunft zerstört.” We sit in our rooms and outside our future is destroyed. This line sets the tone for Apoptoses’s sixth longplayer “Die Zukunft”. Sometimes you don’t have to travel far to see and feel desolation. Your hometown, your room or even your head can turn into an overwhelming world full of fear or confusion – from initial alienation to the unsettling moment when just the voices in your head seem to know what is right or wrong. All this is palpable in the songs of “Die Zukunft”. Instead of painting these voices in colours of terror, Apoptose shows their inherent beauty in super dark electronics with slow motion rhythms.

In the four years of production Apoptose selected a wide range of different singers for this Die Zukunft. Most outstanding is classical trained tenor Daniel Sans. He sings “What Power Art Thou” – a song that was composed by Henry Purcell in the late 17th century. Apoptose and Sans preserve the complex harmonic structure of the original translating it into a breathtaking five minute ride in apoptotic soundspheres. They succeed in conjuring up Purcell’s “cold genius” that had already fascinated legendary countertenor Klaus Nomi in the 1980s. Other voices on “Apoptose & Daniel Sans Die Zukunft” include the gloomy spoken words of the advance single “Time-lapse City”, the lost girl’s voice on the title track and two female singers on “Dornen”. Consistent with the album title Apoptose does not look back, but is heading for novel territories within the dark ambient music genre.

Artist: Apoptose & Daniel Sans | Album: Die Zukunft | Year: 2018 | Country: Germany | Style: Industrial Darkwave, Ambient, Electronic | Quality: 320 kbps | Size: 96 mb
01. Two Hours
02. What Power are Thou
03. Time-lapse City
04. Medizin
05. Dornen
06. Das Jenseits
07. Au Ciel
08. Die Zukunft

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