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SANS SEC506 2017 Free Download From Best IT Tutorials in Direct Link.

Year: 2017 | Language: English | Format: PDF  | Size: 161 MB

SEC506: Securing Linux/Unix provides in-depth coverage of Linux and Unix security issues that includes specific configuration guidance and practical, real-world examples, tips, and tricks. We examine how to mitigate or eliminate general problems that apply to all Unix-like operating systems, including vulnerabilities in the password authentication system, file system, virtual memory system, and applications that commonly run on Linux and Unix.

The course will teach you the skills to use freely available tools to handle security issues, including SSH, AIDE, sudo, lsof, and many others. SANS’ practical approach uses hand-on exercises every day to ensure that you will be to use these tools as soon as you return to work. We will also put these tools to work in a special section that covers simple forensic techniques for investigating compromised systems.

  • Memory Attacks, Buffer Overflows
  • File System Attacks, Race Conditions
  • Trojan Horse Programs and Rootkits
  • Monitoring and Alerting Tools
  • Unix Logging and Kernel-Level Auditing
  • Building a Centralized Logging Infrastructure
  • Network Security Tools
  • SSH for Secure Administration
  • Server Lockdown for Linux and Unix
  • Controlling Root Access with sudo
  • SELinux and chroot() for Application Security
  • DNSSEC Deployment and Automation
  • mod_security and Web Application Firewalls
  • Secure Configuration of BIND and Apache
  • Forensics Investigation of Linux Systems

A wise man once said, “How are you going to learn anything if you know everything already?” And yet there seems to be a quiet arrogance in the Unix community that we have figured out all of our security problems, as if to say, “Been there, done that.” All I can say is that what keeps me going in the Unix field, and the security industry in particular, is that there is always something new to learn, discover, or invent. In 20 plus years on the job, what I have learned is how much more there is that I can learn. I think this is also true for the students in my courses. I regularly get comments back from students who say things like, “I have been using Unix for 20 years, and I still learned a lot in this class.” That is really rewarding.

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